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classroom book tasting setup

Elevate Reading Engagement with Book Tastings

"Book tasting? You mean we're going to eat books?!" That's usually the first reaction I get when I mention the concept of book tastings to my students.

But no, we're not literally consuming the pages; we're feasting on the delicious buffet of genres, authors, and styles that the world of literature has to offer. Book tastings are transformative experiences that whet the appetite for reading and create lifelong readers out of students. Let's delve into what makes book tastings an education game-changer.

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Cultivating Inclusive Classroom Libraries for Middle and High School

A diverse classroom library signals to students that their lives and experiences are valued. But building collections that reflect varied identities while navigating community concerns requires thoughtfulness and care from educators. Here are strategies and examples to guide you on this journey.

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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Picture Books: A Colorful Palette for a More Tolerant Tomorrow

In a world full of vibrant diversity, where cultures, traditions, perspectives, and experiences intertwine, we, as educators, parents, and guardians of the next generation, have the power to ensure that our children not only witness and appreciate this beauty but also cultivate empathy, understanding, and respect in their hearts. Picture books can serve as a wonderful tool in this noble mission. By presenting diversity and inclusion in a way that is accessible and captivating, they can play a significant role in shaping a more empathetic and accepting generation.

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Stack of assorted summer reading books placed on sandy beach with clear blue ocean in the background

What's on Your Summer Reading List?

Home stretch, teachers! Summer break is right around the corner - or already here, depending on your location. (That's right Florida, we see you sliding on the flip-flops and inching toward the beach!) And while visions of barbeques, camping trips, and lazy days of blissful relaxation are probably dancing in your heads, there's still time to squeeze in one more teacher-y endeavor before you let the kids loose for the last time this year... summer reading! Before you groan at the thought, let's dig into why it matters.

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